Therapeutic Metaphors: 3 Book Pack

Want to really get a handle on metaphors in your practice to "power up" your ability to connect with, support and help to change your clients using their own stories? Would you  like to have a few easy metaphors that feel almost "universal" to use during the change process? Don't think you're a natural storyteller but would like to increase your comfort in using them in a therapeutic or helping environment? This is the pack for you, with three books to help you become a metaphor "Master"!

1. Learn to Become a Storyteller: great storytellers are made, not born. With some tips and practice, you'll be able to feel much more 'at home' in the realm of metaphors.

2. Using Stories in Your Practice: How do you make stories therapeutic? How do you listen to your clients to discover the stories they need to hear back from you for change? You'll learn some techniques for applying stories to the people in your practice and your life.

3. 7 Universal Metaphors: Learn several simple stories that can be used for so many purposes. They speak to many different people, in different situations, making it easy for you to lay the groundwork for change and tweak these general scripts to support specifics with your clients.

3 Lessons

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3 Lessons in Therapeutic Metaphors: 3 Book Pack:

Learn to Become a Storyteller

Become a confident and competent storyteller...

Using Stories in Your Practice

Learn how to create or respond to therapeutic metaphors for your clients positive change

7 Universal Metaphors

Select from a few potent stories for positive change...